Video Recording Guide for Pravinyata Video Instructors

Dear Instructors, Please follow the instructions to record the video for PRAVINYATA.

  • Video should be 20 minutes or more
  • Submit the Video on or before 03/11/2020 
  • Upload the video to Your Google Drive and Share the Sharable link to [email protected]
  • Choose any topic in your respective Subject
  • You Should not disclose your personal identity like your name or photo or face during video.
  • Record the video in the name of PRAVINYATA
  • Ask the audience to Subscribe to PRAVINYATA Channel & to Visit
  • Prepare PPT for the Topic you want to record Video. In each PPT Include the following text

In top of the Slide include “”

In Bottom of the Slide include ” Subscribe to PRAVINYATA YouTube Channel”

  • Just Have look at following video to have a clarity of Quality & Pattern of Video

Watch Video


Thank You All. We expect your Association with us.

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